Emergency relief

Covid-19 emergency response

Utah Muslim Civic League (UMCL)

Shielding vulnerable people during Covid-19.

As the pandemic swept the world, there was a tremendous need to provide support and relief in different parts of the globe.

In the United States, we partnered with the Utah Muslim Civic League (UMCL), which represents a diverse community of over 60,000 Muslims from more than 100 nationalities. Our project consisted of providing financial assistance to the UMCL to train a young task force within its community to work with those in need to provide assistance and help them access funding through other government programs.

Help in difficult times.

Many in Utah’s Muslim community came as refugees and lost income due to the economic effects of COVID-19

Our work with the Utah Muslim Civic League resulted in the community accessing aid valued at hundreds of thousands of US dollars.

A lasting impact.

Not only did these efforts provide temporary relief within Utah’s Muslim community, but they also left a lasting impact that stretches beyond the emergency. We helped the Utah Muslim Civic League expand its capabilities going forward and strengthen ties within its own community.

Our coalition was strengthened, and we were able to create new partnerships amongst the community members as well as with other service organizations. We increased our capacity and were able to substantially build our volunteer engagement.”

Luna Banuri

Executive Director, Utah Muslim Civic League