What we do

Creating impact together.

Collaboration is at the heart of The Stirling Foundation. We work with partners worldwide who are committed, trustworthy and capable. We combine these qualities with our resources — both financial and people — to focus on shared objectives and tangible results.  

Our partners range in scope and size from governments and international organizations to local charities and community leaders. Our projects are as diverse as our partners and are tailored meet the challenges of a changing world.

Community development & self-reliance

We collaborate with key partners to help individuals, families, and communities facing poverty to become self-reliant.

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We work closely with partner organizations to provide children and youth access to education.

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Emergency relief

We work with relief organizations to deliver urgent aid and long-term assistance to those affected by natural disasters or man-made conflicts.

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We work alongside charities and medical experts to provide healthcare to communities in need.

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Combating sexual exploitation

We collaborate with governments and organizations to disrupt, prosecute, and prevent the evils of sexual exploitation.

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Inter-faith cooperation and religious tolerance

We collaborate with partners who promote interfaith understanding, tolerance, and cooperation among religions and multi-religious communities.

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Refugees and internally displaced persons

We are working to support those forced from their homes because of conflict, poverty, persecution or natural disasters.

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Strengthening families and supporting women and children

We support governments and organizations to strengthen families and protect the rights of women and children.

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