Our projects

Working for change around the globe.

At The Stirling Foundation, the work we do is not limited to a single region or cause. We collaborate with organizations, governments, and individuals to promote human welfare, sustainability, and cooperation across a wide range of projects in many communities, nations, and regions.

From delivering emergency relief, to combating sexual exploitation, to providing vital educational initiatives, we help people live safer, more sustainable lives with better opportunities. 

Here are some of our latest projects.

ACWAY youth forum

To promote dialogue and understanding between religious people across the globe, we sponsored a forum hosted by A Common Word Among Youth (ACWAY).

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Advancing human dignity through religious understanding

We support educational and training programs that promote interfaith cooperation and religious understanding to help communities experience greater peace and human dignity.

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Akasha fishing project

We are supporting the fishers and families of the Akasha village in the Nubia region of Sudan. Working with the local non-profit organization Elevate for Community Development, we are providing equipment and support to access markets to bolster the local economy and community.

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Autisme Rwanda

We are supporting children and youth with autism spectrum disorder in Rwanda, and assisting the government in developing programs to meet their needs.

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Covid-19 emergency response

During a global health crisis, we helped to provide COVID-19 relief to at-risk populations in Africa and in the US. One such project included providing support to the Muslim community in the state of Utah.

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Ethiopian refugee relief

When thousands of Ethiopians fled into eastern Sudan in search of safety, we worked with Elevate for Community Development (Elevate), a Sudanese non-profit organization, to help the host nation provide food and shelter.

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Eyesight for Ethiopia

In partnership with Engage Now Africa, we are supporting local medical professionals in diagnosing and treating the causes of blindness in Ethiopia.

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Medical relief in Lebanon

After a serious explosion in Beirut brought major disruption to an already-struggling health service, we took part in an initiative to provide essential supplies, medication and care.

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Rapha House

In Haiti, we’re building an aftercare facility to help survivors of trafficking and abuse heal from trauma and build a new start in life.

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School for the blind

We are supporting a school for blind young women in Ethiopia.

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Supporting children in Iran

We work in partnership with Moms Against Poverty on a range of food security and education projects in Iran focused on strengthening families.

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