Combating sexual exploitation

Rapha House

doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation

Supporting abuse survivors.

In Haiti, many children and young people are being trafficked and abused. Once they escape this trauma, a severe lack of aftercare facilities means many have nowhere to heal.

A new aftercare campus.

We are building Rapha House, an aftercare campus for underage survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. This project is underwritten by the dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation and will contain eight cottages with room for up to 60 girls. 

Here, they will be treated with love and value, rather than facing abuse and neglect. Rapha House will provide food and shelter, as well as counseling and medical support. It will also offer education and training opportunities, along with access to social workers, and legal advocates. 

There will also be a social justice training and education center for social workers, police officers and other third parties - aiming to raise awareness, increase advocacy and optimize quality reintegration programs to ensure sustainable freedom.

A better future.

Rapha House is set to provide significant short and long-term benefits to survivors of abuse. Starting with a safe, affordable place to live, they will then be supported on their healing journeys with medical care, counselling, social workers and legal advocacy. Not to mention access to education and training opportunities. Giving survivors of trauma a chance to live happier, more productive lives.