School for the blind

The Finote Rehabilitation for Women with Disabilities Association
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Lifting barriers.

In many parts of Africa, children often start working to support their families at an early age. As a result, many aren’t educated beyond the primary grades. For those with disabilities, this can make life especially challenging. 

In 2007, Yewoinshet Bezu Biru, herself a blind woman, founded The Finote Rehabilitation for Women with Disabilities Association in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (Finotes). Finotes provides rehabilitation services, advocacy, and information access for the visually impaired. In time, its founder, Yewoinshet, determined to create a school for blind children who would otherwise not receive an education. Working with Finotes, we provide funding for this vital initiative, which includes boarding at the school by the blind students.

Working towards independence.

Our financial support of the school has helped them provide living arrangements, food and hygiene, medication, utilities, and teachers’ and other workers’ salaries, as well as transport for the residents.


Today, the school provides valuable physical and educational support to girls from many parts of Ethiopia. The school’s goal is to help these young women learn to live independently and contribute to their communities.